Our Love Song (Posters)

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Character: Ten NCT U

                     Jung Yerim (OC)

Genre: Fluff (Extra fluff, even. Believe me you might wanna puke.)

Length: Oneshot

                           Enjoy 🙂




  “So, How’s your day?”
  The girl who was sitting on his lap answers with a sigh, her finger doing circle motions against his chest, “New class, new friends.. but feels just like usual. Nothing special, i think.” She replied, “How about yours, oppa?”

  “Pretty good. I joined dance club in the campus.” Ten told her while shoving some strays of hair behind her ear.

  “Well, that’s a great news.” A smile was formed in Yerim’s lips, seems also happy by hearing the news. “You can finally follow your passion, right?”

  Ten chuckled, “Yeah.”

  Around six seconds were spent just to stare in each other’s eyes. Yerim began showing confusion. As if he reads her mind, Ten put his arms around her waist, “I missed you, Yerim.”

  The girl giggled, “I missed you too.”

  Smiling warmly, Ten moved his hand towards her chin, putting it between his thumb and index finger, before bringing her face closer. He planted a kiss on her forehead. Trailing downwards to her eyelid, nose, and finally landed on her lips.

  Yerim was quite surprised, to be honest. His kiss was so, gentle. And she never felt a kiss that lasts more than three seconds. Eversince they started dating, Ten would only give small pecks on her cheeks and lips. Nevertheless, she kinda like the new sensation. The way his lips capture hers, caressing her bottom lip so carefully. Before moving to her upper lip to do the same treatment. It sends her shiver to her spine. Blood runs hot.

  The moment Ten finally end his kiss, Yerim’s eyes were opened wide. The loving gaze Ten gave her made her cheeks turned pink. She batted her eyelashes rapidly, still disbelieved what has he done, “Oppa.. w-why so sudden—”

  Her boyfriend couldn’t help but chuckle upon her cute reaction, “I thought you like it?”

  “I-i do! It’s just,” the more she talks, the more embarrassed she gets. Yerim can feel how her face is buning, “You never k-kissed me that way.”

  “Well, what’s wrong with that? I like new things.” The boy grinned, cuddling his nose against hers.  Making her giggled. Taking her to his embrace, Ten uses the close distance to peck her lips softly. Began giving her pepper kisses. This time, Yerim kisses back. But it seems he refused to stop that Yerim needs to push him a bit, “Yah, Ten oppa.”

  He looked at her for a moment, he grinned for once again. Then guided her head to lean on his chest. Making Yerim smells his masculine scent that she loves. Ten Caressed her long dark hair as a sigh escaped from his lips, “God, i love you so much.”

  Yerim’s eyes met his, melted by his sweet sentence. With a soft smile, Yerim leaned her face closer to him for another kiss. Sometimes, such simple actions could give warmth between them.



right here waiting-richard marx

oleh Daeng I.Y.A





wherever you go, whatever you do
i will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes, or how my heart breaksi will be right here waiting for you

i wonder how we can survive this romance
but in the end if i’m with you
i’ll take the chance~~

wherever you go, whatever you do
i will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes, or how my heart breaksi will be right here waiting for you